L09 長崎緑茶-あさつゆ-LEAF




お湯だし 60℃ 150秒 4g 
一煎目 60℃ 100ml
二煎目 70℃ 100ml
三煎目 80℃ 100ml
甘旨 ■■■■
渋苦 ■■■
爽香 ■■■■■
焙香 ■■■

水出し 0-30度 5時間 4g:300ml
甘旨 ■■■■
渋苦 ■■■
爽香 ■■
焙香 ■■




The lush, glossy tea leaves nurtured by the pleasant sea breezes and sunshine of Omura Bay are made into a tea with a rich aroma by adding water-drying to the steamed tama green tea process unique to the Kyushu region.
This tea is for those who like a fresh aroma and a heavy flavor.
Please enjoy the full flavor of the tea, which is carefully grown under cover for 10 days before picking.


<Recommended way to drink and taste
Hot water 60℃ for 150 seconds 4g
First brewing: 60℃ 100ml
Second brewing: 70℃ 100ml
Third decoction: 100ml at 80℃.
Sweet and delicious ■■■■■
bitter astringent ■■■ bitter astringent
Soukou (fresh aroma) ■■■■■
Roasted aroma ■■

Water-dashi 0-30°C for 5 hours 4g:300ml
Amazumi ■■■■
Astringent and bitter ■■ Soukou
Soukou ■■
Roasted aroma ■■

Contents: 50g

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