U12 水出しボトル750ml








Use 7-8 g of tea leaves per bottle.

Good points of this container

-Heat resistant
-Sophisticated design does not disturb interior design.
-Can be used with black tea, oolong tea, or any other tea leaves.
-The glass allows you to enjoy the beautiful water color of the tea.
-Easy to wash and dispose of tea leaves.

This is a very popular filter-in bottle. The built-in filter allows you to pour tea leaves directly into the bottle without the need for a strainer. The spout is made of removable silicone for easy cleaning, and both the body and spout are dishwasher safe.

Body size] Diameter: 8 cm, height: 30 cm (750 ml)
Box size] 9 cm (length) X 9 cm (width) X 30.5 cm (height)