What kind of tea is Kabusecha?

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Kabusecha" has a slightly bitter and deep flavor.

Kabusecha is one of Japan's most prized teas, loved by many for its prestigious aroma and deep flavor.

Yame" is the most famous Kabusecha in Kyushu. Yame City in Fukuoka Prefecture is known as a high-end tea production area and is one of the best brands in Japan. Among Kabusecha teas, Yame is known for its strong sweet flavor and the slightly sweet aroma called "Kabusekoso" that lingers in the mouth.

What are the benefits and characteristics of Kabusecha?

In this issue, we will introduce Kabusecha in detail.

-What is Kabusecha?
Kabusecha is produced by a method called "covered cultivation," in which tea leaves are covered with a cloth called "chilly gauze. This is why it is called "Kabuse-cha" (cloth-covered tea).

Kabusecha is cultivated in a similar way to gyokuro, and has a taste similar to gyokuro.

Kabusecha has a slightly bitter and astringent taste, making it a sencha for adults.

-Benefits of Kabusecha
Kabusecha tea often contains "theanine" and "catechins. Theanine has a calming and relaxing effect and is believed to relieve tension.

Catechins also have strong health benefits, mainly in the form of antibacterial and antioxidant effects. It can be expected to have a wide range of effects, from preventing colds to preventing diabetes.

-What is the difference between Gyokuro and Gyokuro? -Gyokuro
Kabusecha has a relatively similar taste to Gyokuro, but the difference between Gyokuro and Kabusecha is in the "shading period".

Gyokuro tea leaves are shaded from the buds for 20 days or more, while Kabusecha leaves are shaded from about 10 days before they are plucked.

This production process gives Kabusecha a stronger flavor than Sencha, and a slightly lighter color and taste than Gyokuro.

How was it?

Kabusecha is a sencha that tastes like gyokuro and has a relaxing effect while preventing colds.

It is one of the darker types of sencha, and is highly recommended for those who like bitterness and astringency.

If you are at all interested, why not give it a try?

We wish you a wonderful encounter with a great Sencha.

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