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A set of two in a cute can that makes a great gift.

<Nagasaki Green Tea
The pleasant sea breeze and sunshine of Omura Bay nurture a gem of flavor and aroma. The tea leaves are lush and glossy.
The clean aroma and mild taste characteristic of "Guricha" are irresistible.
It is produced in a tea garden with a view of the sea, which is rare in Japan. Green tea contains a variety of vitamins, including vitamin C, vitamin B2, and vitamin E. These vitamins have antioxidant properties and help to strengthen the immune system.

<Kumamoto Kama-yori Tea
The subtle sweetness of green tea, the fragrant aroma of kettle roasted tea, and the clear water color that only kettle roasting can produce.
The tea is roasted in a kettle immediately after picking to stop oxidation, and then dried while being rubbed,
This is the traditional method of kettle-frying tea in Yamato Town, Kumamoto Prefecture.
The taste is perfect for everyday use. Catechins contained in green tea have been proven to lower blood cholesterol levels and reduce body fat. Its strong antioxidant effect is also expected to help prevent cancer and lifestyle-related diseases.

<Kagoshima green tea
This high-grade sencha has a rich flavor, mild astringency, and above all, a sweet taste.
Saemidori is a crossbreed of Asatsuyu and Yabukita varieties.
It is difficult to cultivate and is very rare, and most of it is produced in Kagoshima. Catechins contained in green tea have deodorizing and deodorizing effects, and can be expected to prevent cavities and food poisoning.

<Fukuoka Gyokuro
A warm climate with a large temperature difference between day and night and a tendency to fog.
The highest quality gyokuro is grown in Yame City, Fukuoka Prefecture, where the conditions are ideal for growing high quality tea.
The tea leaves are grown in a tea plantation that is shielded from sunlight for about 20 days after the first tea sprouts have begun to grow.
The tea leaves are produced in the same process as sencha.
The aroma and rich, strong flavor make it ideal for a cup of tea when entertaining.

Nagasaki Green Tea with Matcha

The pleasant sea breeze and sunshine of Omura Bay nurture this gem of flavor and aroma.
The tea leaves are green and glossy, with a mellow taste, produced in a tea garden with a view of the sea, a rarity in Japan.
The tea leaves are blended with the finest Yame Okumidori matcha green powdered tea. Theanine, which is found in abundance in matcha, has a relaxing effect and generates alpha waves that help you get a good night's sleep.

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