L07 福岡玉露-LEAF-




お湯だし 60℃ 150秒 4g 
一煎目 60℃ 100ml
二煎目 70℃ 100ml
三煎目 80℃ 100ml
甘旨 ■■■■
渋苦 ■
爽香 ■■■
焙香 ■

水出し 0-30° 5時間 3g:300ml
甘旨 ■■■■
渋苦 ■
爽香 ■■■
焙香 ■



The warm climate and large temperature differences between day and night make it easy for fog to form.
Gyokuro is a beautiful, glossy, top-quality tea grown in Yame City, Fukuoka Prefecture, where the conditions are ideal for growing high-quality tea.
Gyokuro, which is characterized by its strong aroma and full-bodied flavor, is said to have more caffeine than coffee. Caffeine has a stimulant effect, skipping sleepiness and reducing fatigue.

-Holiday tea-
Place of origin: Yame, Fukuoka Prefecture
Method: Ordinary steamed sencha
Variety: Sae Midori
Characteristics: Mellow taste
Cultivated under cover for 20 days prior to plucking, the tea leaves are rich in amino acids and of high quality. Gyokuro" is the highest grade of tea, and is grown with a lot of care and attention. A perfect reward for your taste buds.

<Recommended way to drink and taste
Hot water 60℃ for 150 seconds 4g
First brewing: 60°C 100ml
Second brewing: 70℃ 100ml
Third brewing: 80°C 100ml
Umami ■■■■
astringent ■
fresh aroma ■■■
Roasted aroma ■

Water-drinking 0-30° for 5 hours 3g:300ml
Umami ■■■■
Astringent ■
fresh aroma ■■
Roasted aroma ■

Contents: 30g can, 50g bag

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