T01 長崎緑茶-やぶきた-紐つきティーパック






お湯だし 80 60秒 1個:300ml
一煎目 80℃ 100ml
二煎目 90℃ 100ml
三煎目 90℃ 100ml
甘旨 ■■■■
渋苦 ■■■
爽香 ■■■
焙香 ■■■

水出し 0-30 5時間 1個:300ml
甘旨 ■■■■
渋苦 ■■■
爽香 ■■
焙香 ■■



The pleasant sea breeze and sunshine of Omura Bay nurture a gem of flavor and aroma. The tea leaves are lush and glossy. The clean aroma and mild taste characteristic of "Guricha" are irresistible.
It is produced in a tea garden in Higashisonogi-cho, Nagasaki Prefecture, where the sea can be seen, a rarity in Japan. Green tea contains a variety of vitamins, including vitamin C, vitamin B2, and vitamin E. These vitamins have antioxidant properties and help boost the immune system.

Typical tea bags are made from quality tea leaves that are not sold as tea leaves, but are crushed so that they dissolve easily in water. Kyushu Chagaku tea bags are made with soylon material, which naturally and gently enhances the flavor of tea, after researching the size of the leaves to bring out the flavor of the high quality ingredients.

-Morning Tea
This tea is made by using a water-drying machine instead of a fine rubbing machine to steam the fresh leaves and make them thinner, resulting in a curved shape. It contains a lot of caffeine, so it is good to drink at the beginning of the day.

Place of origin: Higashisonogi, Nagasaki Prefecture
Process: Steamed Tamaryokucha
Variety: Yabukita
Characteristics: Umami, astringency

<Recommended way to drink and taste
Hot water 80°C for 60 seconds 1 piece: 300ml
First brewing: 80°C 100ml
Second brewing: 90°C 100ml
Third brewing: 90°C 100ml
Umami ■■■■
fresh aroma■■■
Roasted aroma ■■■

Water-drinking 0-30°C for 5 hours 1 piece: 300ml
Amazumi ■■■■
Astringent ■■■
fresh aroma ■■
Roasted aroma ■■

Contents: 10 pieces (3g x 10), 1 piece (3g x 1)

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