T03 棒ほうじ茶-紐つきティーパック



仕上げ工程で上質な茎のみを集めているため、甘味のあるさっぱりとした味わい緑茶と比べてカフェインが少なく  茶葉を焙煎した香りがリラックス効果をもたらすため、寝る前にどうぞ。


お湯だし 80° 60秒 1個:300ml
甘旨 ■■
渋苦 ■■
爽香 ■■■■■
焙香 ■■■■■

水出し 0-30° 5時間 1個:300ml
甘旨 ■■■
渋苦 ■■
爽香 ■■■■
焙香 ■■■■



It has a very sweet taste, a luxurious aroma and a bright amber water color.
By roasting them instantaneously in a unique roasting machine called a far-infrared roasting machine, the moisture in the stems evaporates at once and
The rods swell up, allowing the flavor and sweetness to permeate from the core of the stem.
Compared to green tea, hojicha contains less caffeine and catechins, which also reduces diuretic effects, making it a perfect rehydration tea. It also contains high levels of fluoride, which strengthens the surface of the teeth and prevents the erosion of caries bacteria, so drinking tea after a meal can help prevent cavities.

-Tea of the Night
Place of origin: Kyushu blend
Finish: Shallow roasted
Variety: Yabukita, Sae Midori / Characteristics: Fresh aroma
Because only the finest stems are collected during the finishing process, this tea has a sweet, refreshing taste and less caffeine than green tea. The aroma of roasted tea leaves has a relaxing effect, making it a good choice before bed.

Typical tea bags are made from quality tea leaves that are not sold as tea leaves, but are crushed so that they dissolve easily in water. Kyushu Chagaku tea bags are made with soylon material, which naturally and gently enhances the aroma of tea, after researching the size of the leaves to bring out the flavor of the high quality ingredients.

<Recommended way to drink and taste
Hot water at 90℃ for 60 seconds 3g
First brew: 90℃ 100ml
Second brew 100℃ 100ml
Third infusion: 100°C 100ml
astringent ■■
fresh aroma■■■■■
Roasted aroma ■■■■■

Dressed in water 0-30° for 5 hours 3g:300ml
fresh aroma■■■■
Roasted aroma ■■■■

Contents: 10 pcs (3g x 10 pcs), 1 pc (3g x 1 pc)

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