T04 九州玄米茶-紐つきティーパック





お湯だし 80 60秒 1個:300ml
甘旨 ■■■
渋苦 ■■
爽香 ■■■■■
焙香 ■■■■■

水出し 0-30° 5時間 1個:300ml
甘旨 ■■■■
渋苦 ■■
爽香 ■■■■
焙香 ■■■■



The pleasant sea breeze and sunshine of Omura Bay nurture a gem of umami flavor and aroma.
The tea leaves are grown in a tea garden with a view of the sea, a rarity in Japan.
The tea leaves are blended with the finest Fukuoka matcha green tea and fragrant Kumamoto brown rice.

-Yoru no Ocha
Place of origin: (tea leaves) Higashisonogi, Nagasaki Prefecture (matcha) Yame, Fukuoka Prefecture (brown rice) Kumamoto Prefecture
Variety: Yabukita, Sae Midori
Characteristics: Fragrant and gentle aroma
Theanine, which is contained in abundance in matcha, has a relaxing effect, generating alpha waves and inducing a good night's sleep. Please enjoy it before going to bed.

Typical tea bags are made by crushing tea leaves of a quality that is not sold as tea leaves so that it can be easily dissolved in water. Kyushu Chagaya's tea bags are made with soylon material, which naturally and gently enhances the flavor of the tea, after researching the size of the leaves to bring out the flavor of the high quality ingredients.

<Recommended way to drink and taste>
Hot water at 80℃ for 60 seconds 4g
First cup: 80°C / 100ml
Second cup: 100ml at 90℃.
3th cup: 100ml at 90℃.
Sweet and tasty
Umami ■■
Astringency ■■
flesh aroma ■■■■■
Roasted aroma ■■■■■

Dressed in water 0-30°C for 5 hours 4g:300ml
Umami ■■■■
Astringency ■■
flesh aroma ■■■■
Roasted aroma ■■■■

Contents: 10 pcs (3g x 10 pcs), 1 pc (3g x 1 pc)

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